Oct 25th

  • Mobile: you can now lift your finger up to stop moving. (now removed due to feedback!)
  • We're working hard to finish the accounts/ shop update, coming pretty soon!

Aug 16

  • Fixed bugs and video ads.

July 8: Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with food/water not spawning properly around the game.
  • Fixed mouse and ducks walking on hills after getting hurt.

June 18: Bug Fixes

  • NERF: Trex shaking damage removed. Damage occurs on first grab and then on bleeding
  • NERF: Trex can't grab diving ocean animals
  • NERF: Trex can't grab diving animals if they are diving for more than 2s
  • NERF: Golden Eagle rarity increased by 33%
  • NERF: Komodo Dragon's sweat duration/seat amount reduced by 20%
  • NERF: Flytrap's bite damage reduced by 20%
  • BUFF: King Crab's speed outside ocean increased to 10%
  • BUFF: Ice Monster's crystal growth/speed increased
  • FIXED: Pelican water bomb not hiting victims
  • FIXED: Pelican self hit from own water bomb
  • FIXED: Black Widow web teleport catching animals when spider is too far or was stunned
  • FIXED: Komodo Dragon teleport grab bug
  • FIXED: Black Dragon not healing in 1v1 arena
  • FIXED: Toucans not getting hurt in Desert biome (only lava toucan is allowed to not hurt)
  • FIXED: Objects going underneath Trees
  • FIXED: Melons not getting watered
  • FIXED: Killable food pushing animals out of hiding holes
  • FIXED: Bot spawning
  • FIXED: anti-teaming 0xp-bite
  • FIXED: Aniamls getting hit by bees while diving
  • NEW: Inside Arena, opponents go semi transparent so they can see through each other when fighting

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